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Way Talented Chemical Hubei Co.,Ltd

Company Profile
Way talented chemical company is one of the leading food additive industry supplier in China. We are the most customer focused,responsive and highly efficient food additive supplier within this fast moving,innovative and rapidly changing market. We have cooperative plants located in China,

Our main products are Sodium Benzoate; Benzoic Acid; Dextrose; Malto Dextrin; Corn Starch; Corn Gluten Meal; Citric Acid; Ammonium Bicarbonate; etc. We supply food additives for pickles; sauce ,confectionery,meat ...
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Contact Us
Company: Way Talented Chemical Hubei Co.,Ltd
Contact: Mr. li jin
Address: No.231 Xinhua Road, Wuhan China
Tel: 027 59524719
Fax: 027 59524718


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